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Our Datacenters

Where is What Matters

Where, geographically, your website is hosted from makes a difference. It’s something Google looks at when deciding where to rank your website in search results. If you’re catering to a US market, then it will assume a website hosted on a US server is more relevant than say, a website hosted on a Canadian server – and vice versa. We have both U.S. and Canadian based servers – you chose what is best for your staff and clients.

It’s Your Choice

You may also have a preference yourself as where to host your website. Some Canadian companies and organizations for instance have a mandate to host their data from an actual Canada-based data center.

You may also wish to host your website in Canada to avoid the American Patriot Act, which grants them certain rights to access private information for national security reasons.

Our Servers

Here at ABORG Hosting, we give you the choice as to whether to host your website from a true Canadian-based data center or from an American data center. Both are Tier 4 data centers of the same performance and hardware, so whichever you decide to go with, you’re getting top-of-the-line hosting services.

You can also request proof of actual physical locations of each server should you so require. To do so, please contact us or give us a call at 613-829-2229.