Your business, our world.


Web Hosting Services

We’re more than just a server company – we’re a service company. Customers love hosting here because they can count on us to look out for their business. This is why we offer a range of extra services that help enhance and protect your website, and ultimately just make web hosting an easier and more pleasurable experience for you. Because as a business owner, you just need to know that it works, which is why we say; “Your business, our world”.

Domain registrations

If you’re looking to register a new domain for your business website, we can do this for you. But we won’t only take care of the registration process, we’ll also provide you some useful tips for how to select the best possible domain for your business. Register a new domain here.

Move your hosting to us

Most hosting companies charge a setup or transfer fee to move a client from another hosting provider to themselves. Well, we’re happy enough just to have you on board so you can consider this a complimentary service. Looking to move your web hosting to ABORG HOSTING? Start here.

High availability website options

If having your website online all the time is critical to your business’ daily operations (for instance if you run an online store), then our high availability option is just what you need! We use a sophisticated mirroring technique that can display your website from multiple locations, so visitors are always directed to the fastest-responding server. Essentially, it means your website will never go down. Learn more about High Availability.

Disaster Recovery options to protect your data

This service is right for every customer, because no data center is immune from natural disasters or hardware failures. If a disaster does occur, what happens to your data? Through our Disaster Recovery option we make daily backups of your website, databases, and all company email so that in the case of something happening, we can have your website and email back up and running within minutes at our other data center. Read more on how this works and why you need it.

SSL Certificates and Installation

If your website collects customers’ payment information online, or even if you collect personal or private information through a contact form, it’s best practice (and oftentimes the law) to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website. This encrypts all data transmission between your visitors and the website, and also plays an important role in the visible trust factor of your website. Learn more about SSL Certificates here.

Custom Services

We go over and above for our clients, so even if there’s a service you need that’s not listed here, tell us about it and we’ll do whatever we can to help. We’re that kind of company.