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Register a new domain!

Make sure to take your time when selecting a domain for your business. It’s best practice not to change your domain once you start with it, so be prudent in your selection.

Factors to consider when choosing a domain:

  1. Shortness
    Short domain names are easy to remember, plus they also convey an image of trust and authoritativeness since generally only big name brands can afford them. They are also very useful for offline marketing since it’s much easier to remember a short domain name than a longer one.  Always do a Google search for the abbreviation or series of letters you’re thinking of to see what else it stands for – and especially to make sure it doesn’t stand for something that you don’t want to be associated with.
  2. Readability
    Having an easily readable domain is not only good for visitors to your site, but also for Google. When people come across your website listed in the results page of Google, you’ll want them to easily and quickly determine what your site is about, or what the company name is. If you use too many conjunctions you will lose readability for users and search engine robots.
  3. Keywords
    Keywords in the domain name are a big part of search engine optimization and can make a strong difference to how well your website ranks for given search terms. They can mean the difference between a first page ranking and a fifth page ranking.
  4. Uniqueness and memorability
    You’ll want your domain to stand out from the rest and be easy to remember. Oftentimes having your brand name in the domain helps to make it unique, but sometimes you want/need to have keywords in there, too.
  5. Top Level Domain (TLD)
    The last part of your domain is choosing an applicable TLD, such as .com, .ca, .net, .info  or .org, among others. Generally, a .com  is the best, but if your company needs to stand our as being Canadian for instance, you might prefer .ca.